Vision & Mission

Vision of The College

The Ganpati Institute of Science of Technology is one of the most prestigious colleges of education of CCS University, MEERUT. This college has the following vision.


To produce quality teachers for playing their significant role in the emerging knowledge society for educational reconstruction tending to result in total reconstruction of the nation by adhering to statement – “TEACHERS ARE NATION BUILDERS”.To play this role effectively, we at Ganpati Institute of Science of Technology strive to equip students with the appropriate knowledge,habits,attitudes and values.


The mission is to provide quality education to the pupil teacher, to improve their teaching skills and develop in them competencies necessary to play the multifaceted role of the teacher in the new millennium so that the future generation and pillars of the nation get efficient teachers to teach them.

The college policy of quality education to achieve the above stated vision and mission comprises of the following:-

(1) Value based education.
(2) Integrated and balanced personality development.
(3) Identification of creativity and nurturing talent.
(4) To undertake educational innovations for quality improvement of training of Teacher.