Itís encouraging to note that you have decided to be a teacher. Itís pleasing to know that you have chosen to pursue a teacher-education programme for giving shape to your decision. Congratulations to you for your commendable decision and best wishes for the optimum attainment regarding your choice.

Teachers play a very significant role in our society. Teachers conceptualize, contextualize and visualize ideas and create human space for cradling these ideas. Teachers facilitate the transmission of ideas and fertilize fancy instrumental in the spurt of novel ideas.

Teachers facilitate comprehension, encourage application and inspire discovery, innovation and creation. Teachers open us up to the nature and essence of knowledge, familiarize us with knowledge traditions and initiate us to the soothing joy of our very being. Teachers ignite possibilities in plenty spanning a wide spectrum of epistemological issues and pedagogical concerns. Teachers keep the insatiable quest for knowledge alive through human discourse and selfless intervention.

This is a passing glimpse of the role you have decided to prepare yourself for! You shall be able to discover more as you proceed in furtherance of your choice.

Dr. Deepshikha Sharma

Humble initiatives script the foundations of great beginnings. Plunging joyously in the blissful serenity of humility, gear yourself up to an enriching diversity in thinking, reflection and becoming. Open yourself up to myriad ways of learning. Prepare yourself up for a meaningful life and live it to its fullness through hard work, sincerity and dedication.

Concentrate and look within. Set yourselves up to an expedition into your deep self. Experience, explore and evolve. Youíll discover a wide spectrum of profound possibilities deep within! Ignite your thoughts, unleash your potential and rise to the role that you have chosen yourself for.

The challenge is great Ė but is abundantly refreshing and transforming. Approach it to its fullness through your vision, commitment and hard work. Make a beginning and hesitate not. You will stand up to that. Believe me - you will indeed stand up to that!

May your stay in the College prove to be a meaningful period of your life! May it be the transformational period of your life! May it empower you immensely to kindle lives; to kindle many lives; and to kindle many more lives!

May education be your way of life - henceforth and forever!

Best wishes,